In history the father daughter dance used to be a part of the ‘giving away’ tradition and would happen before the bride and grooms first dance, by letting the father have one last dance with his daughter prior to handing her to her husband! Well, times have changed and that goes for the father daughter dance too. It now typically follows the first dance, and can be anything from a beautiful waltz or something like this…

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Makylla knew she wanted to dance with her dad but in a way like no other. I met with them both and we brain stormed ideas until we decided on theme for their dance. We decided on a ‘Get your own back’ style mash up, with both Makylla and Des inputting ideas for song choices.

When it came to the sessions, which we began before Christmas, it was clear that we had a huge journey in front of us. Des had never danced a single step in his life; the only time he stepped on the dance floor was to reach the bar! So we started out with a few basic steps that had to be broken down and really practiced. Makylla picked up the steps quickly and soon became the second teacher keen to keep her dad on the right steps.

The biggest challenge they both faced was piecing all the sections together and remembering it! Even on the day of the wedding they wanted an extra run through just before to make sure they could remember it all.

However, they pulled it off and you can tell by the amount of screaming during and after that it was a huge hit! It certainly took their guests by surprise and I am sure Des and Makylla will never forget dancing together, as I will never forget working with such a fantastic father and daughter team.





Written by Laura Mendes

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